14. Jun, 2015

Despite Many Hurdles, I survived To Write My Book

I have survived to write this book "On My Brothers' Shoulders", which tells the story of my impoverished childhood in spite of the pain and misery that included many horrific experiences during a Civil War in South East Asia that was done as a relief from despair and the misfortune of my life.
I dedicate this book to my son Mathew John André , my grandson Nekau Ty André (my only blood relatives) and the many friends and people, who have taken an interest in my life story by reading my book.

An autobiographical book "On My Brothers' Shoulders" that has been referred to by the media as "The Cat With Nine Lives" and "Mekong Moses!"

I am farewelling my son Mathew before I leave on a trip to Vietnam in 1995. It was a sad day for both me and my eight-year-old son. I was unsure just how safe it would be while travelling in Vietnam to research for my book and I had no idea what to expect. However, in 2012 Mathew had a son of his own, who is also my cute grandson named Nekau Ty André.

If you have a reading disability or if you don't like to read or you would like to listen to my story before you go to bed, there also has been an Audio Book made by the Queensland Narrating Service, which can be purchased from them. [Website:, Email:, Phone No: (07) 3324-0004]

This approx. 1 hour documentary “RETURN TO THE MISSION IN THE MEKONG DELTA”, that is an accompaniment to the book.

I retrace my childhood life in Vietnam with my good mate 'Viktor Breglec' in this documentary “RETURN TO THE MISSION IN THE MEKONG DELTA”, that is an accompaniment to the book. Many thanks to Viktor Breglec, for his tireless work, on the award winning documentary.

My good mate Jack Thompson, the famous Australian actor, wrote the wonderful foreword, helped me launch my book “On My Brothers’ Shoulders” and wrote a letter of recommendation in the hope that someday a producer/director would turn this story into a feature film, TV Miniseries or documentary.

A copy of the letter of recommendation written by my great Aussie mate Jack Thompson, so that someday my book may be made into a feature film, TV Miniseries or documentary by a producer/director.

It was an honour to have a picture taken with Jane Fonda at her book launch at the Crown Casino in Melbourne. We drank and ate afterwards as we told each other the stories of our good and bad life experiences. During the Vietnam war, she was a communist sympathiser, who became known as Ha Noi Jane.

I am still continuing to keep writing my second book with every spare time I have, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to finish it yet, because I have been busily committed to working 60 hours a week, in order for me to successfully achieve my future goals or perhaps I am just wasting my time, but time will tell. I am running the East Malvern Senior Citizens Bowling Club, as well as watching AFL footy, Rugby League, tennis and cricket during the whole year. My duties also include shopping for food, cooking meals for breakfast lunch and dinner and various other duties as required, even though I have many signs and symptoms of old age and my health is deteriorating, like an old broken down car. (Some parts haven’t been fixed, while other parts break down). However, I don’t give up easily because of my optimistic outlook on life, my determination and my mind is stronger than my body. I am dedicated to writing my second book for those who are waiting to read it, to my friends and acquaintances, to my son's partner Summer, to my wonderful son Mathew John André, and to my gorgeous grandson Nekau Ty André, who are my first and only blood in Australia. Thanks for browsing through my website.

Ty with friends including John Travolta, Nova Peris, the 1st indigenous person to represent Australia in 2 Olympic Sports, famous adventurer Dick Smith, Cathy Freeman, a gold medal winner at 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Dawn Fraser, recognised as the greatest female swimmer of all time, Kieran Perkins, dual Olympic gold medal winner in the 1600 metre freestyle swimming, Nancy Bird-Wilton (Famous aviatrix, who was the first female QANTAS pilot) and many other famous and not-so-famous people on the 85th anniversary of QANTAS ‘This Is Your Life’ program in Sydney.

John Travolta and I appeared on the 85th anniversary QANTAS ‘This Is Your Life’ TV special together we became great friends. They spoke about many things including John Travolta’s role as the QANTAS ambassador.

Richard Norton, the famous stuntman and Judy Green, "The Sale of The Century" model, who later was my companion on World Safari, at their place in Melbourne sometime ago. One of my ex-girlfriends wanted to meet them, so I drove with her from Adelaide to Melbourne and we stayed with them for a whole week.

I worked with Alby Mangels on the ‘World Safari’ films and documentaries, where we became close friends as if we had a bond between each other like brothers, as we travelled extensively around Australia and some parts of the world together. Even though we now have separate lives, we still keep in touch and occasionally get together to reminisce about our past.

I also appeared with the famous adventurer Dick Smith on the ‘This Is Your Life’ TV special. We had a long conversation, ate some food, had some drinks together and became good friends. We chatted to each other about Dick’s many adventures.

I used to worked with Alby Mangels on the series of ‘World Safari’ films as well as documentaries, sometimes as a cameraman, electronics repairman, sound effects assistant, editor, projectionist, storeman, handyman, as well as working on post production and promotion and we travelled extensively around Australia and some parts of the world together.

Me and my friend Viktor, who worked with me, was my travel companion around Australia, was like my blood brother and was part of my book and video.